Man nabbed with fake $1 million bills

Hey, can you break these really authentic looking $1 million bills?

A woman in the United Arab Emirates fell for a scam in which a man convinced her to try to get change at the UAE central bank for two souvenir one million dollar notes he convinced her were real. The man has been arrested; it's unclear what happened to the woman.

The bills didn't look even remotely like real bills, according to The National, a local daily in the UAE. One side of the "$1 million bill" is black and white, while the other side is green. The black and white side has a picture of George Washington, who is normally found on $1 bills.

The 44-year-old suspect, identified only as "A.B." from the Ivory Coast, is playing dumb. "The suspect claimed that he was not aware that the notes do not have any value," said Colonel Hammad Ahmed al-Hamadi of the Abu Dhabi police, according to reports. The suspect told the woman to exchange the fake notes in return for 30 percent of their value. Sounds legit to me!

The UAE has become a hotspot for enterprising criminals trying to dupe the country's central bank into forking over large sums of cash. In June, three Iranians attempted to obtain 14.4 billion dollars from the central bank using fake documents. Two were arrested, while the third was reportedly still at large in Iran. In January, Abu Dhabi police arrested seven men for attempting to steal 10.2 billion dollars from the central bank, also using forged documents.