Is This the Dumbest Travel Product Ever?

For anyone who has ever sat on a plane covering their head to block out light, and other people, comes the "Snazzy Napper." The new travel product professes to offer "privacy in a bag."

The Napper is basically a cloth head covering with breathing holes and a "cushioned eye guard" - it looks a lot like a traditional Muslim burqa.

There's also a storage pocket for items like your cell phone.

The "Snazzy Napper" comes in bib-like original and blanket-like extra large sizes, and there are already some calling it the new "Snuggie."

Margaret Wilson, who created of the "Snazzy Napper," which sells for $14.99 to $24.99, says she got the idea on a flight to London, when she resorted to putting a jacket over her head.

She says benefits of using the product include other people won't see you sleeping with your mouth open.

Whether you can look cool wearing a "Snazzy Napper" remains to be seen, with the product much debated since its YouTube debut.

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