Home Insulation: More Federal Funds, More Controversy

Home weatherizing is becoming a hotly debated topic in Washington
As Vice President Biden was touting the accomplishments of the Recovery Act last week in making 200,000 low income homes energy efficient, Republicans were pointing out that the number is far short of the 2 million homes that Biden said would benefit. The job-stimulus part of the Department of Energy program also has been criticized for less-than-airtight management and for not creating the promised number of jobs. However, Biden said that by weatherizing 20,000 to 30,000 homes each month, the program was on track to reach its goal, as it continues to get more people working. Biden's comments followed a DOE announcement in August that 119 organizations across the country will receive nearly $120 million under the DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program, and the DOE included a state-by-state breakdown of homes weatherized as of June. What isn't in dispute is that home insulation can be a cost-saver over the long haul, even if you don't qualify for a grant or subsidy. For more on buttoning up before winter, see these AOL Real Estate guides:

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