FarmVille Farm of the Week: Mark's Piggery Farm

FarmVille Mark Piggery Farm
FarmVille Mark Piggery Farm

In honor of this week's FarmVille release of Pigpens, we have selected a farm befitting the occasion. Even though our Pigs now have homes, there is no way one Pigpen would house this swine loving FarmVille Freak's Pig collection.

FarmVille Freak Mark Moises Roja's farm or "Piggery" is filled entirely with Pigs! Every inch, except for a small spot in the center that is reserved for a favorite building, is occupied by Pigs. While it is by no means a working farm (even though Pigs yield coins when harvested) we can all appreciate its uniqueness. It's not everyday you see a Piggery farm.

Mark also mentions the shrinking Pig epidemic that many other FarmVille Freaks have reported. Earlier this week, regular Pigs appear to be smaller than before, although Zynga has made no mention of it.