Helpful Co-Workers Are Least Liked in the Workplace

co-workersThe old adage "misery loves company" was found to ring true after a recent study done on personalities in the workplace. Craig Parks, co-author of the study and a professor at Washington State University, found out that helpful and unselfish co-workers were the least liked in office. While conventional wisdom would have you believe that helpful workers would be admired and liked within the workplace, Parks found out that they are, in fact, liked less for "raising the bar" for overall employee expectations.

The study consisted of university students playing a game over the computer with who they believed were four other players, but which were actually programmed controls and part of the game. According to Wired Science, the participants could take their points from each round or add them to a team kitty for everyone to share, which doubled their value. Players could then take a quarter of the kitty points for their own bank, which could then be turned into meal vouchers. After finishing the game, many players stated that they would not want to play with the greedy players, but in an unexpected twist, a vast majority stated that they would not want to play with the more fair players as well. Wired Science reported that many players said the unselfish participants were "making me look bad" or they were thought to be breaking the rules and had ulterior motives.

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