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Adventure Activity Paris

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Paris is known as the fashion capital, romance capital and museum capital of the world. For visitors looking at a bit of an intense experience though, here are five adventure activities in Paris, France that we dare you to try:

1. Check out the Empire of Death

For visitors seeking a cryptic adventure activity in Paris, Les Catacombes is a must-see. It is a series of dark, musty tunnels that lie beneath the city streets, and are home to an entirely different type of artistic creation -- neatly stacked human bones and skulls. This underground tomb was created when the overcrowded cemeteries were emptied in preparation for the deaths that were to follow the French Revolution, and the exhumed remains were laid here.

You'll find a sign on the door that reads, "STOP! Here is the Empire of Death." It is open 10a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and costs 7 Euros for adults, 3.50 Euros for ages 14 to 25, and free for ages 13 and younger. Tours can take from one to two hours, depending on how scared you are. People have given accounts of being followed through the tunnels by a tall, suspicious figure wearing a hooded cloak. We dare you to see if it is as creepy as they say.
Location: 1, Avenue of Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy
01 43 22 47 63

2. Nosh in the "noir"

For those of you visiting the City of Lights to introduce your palate to some of the finest and most unique dining establishments in the world, be sure to check out Dans Le Noir. With their blue seafood lovers, green vegetarian, and red meat lovers menus, they offer something for everyone. However, the colors of the menus won't matter much, because you will be eating in pitch-dark.

That's right, we dare you to experience eating your dinner totally blind. "Noir" is the French word for black, and that is all you will be seeing in this restaurant. You can even take on the white menu, known as the chef's surprise menu. With this choice, you will not even know what to expect when your plate is presented, so you will have to rely on your sense of smell and taste (and, um, maybe touch!). It will cost 39 Euros for a two-course meal and 44 Euros for three courses.

Try to reach across the table to hold your lover's hands without knocking anything over or figure out where your food is on your plate without getting it all over your hands. To raise the bar one more notch, the wait staff is also completely blind. Other eat-in-the-dark restaurants give their staff night vision goggles -- but not here, taking this ultra-dim dining adventure in Paris, France to the extreme.
Location: 51, rue Quincamopix
01 42 77 98 04

3. Do like Julia Child

It is no secret that Paris has an abundant population of world-famous chefs known for their unique and artistic culinary perspectives. People travel from around the globe to experience the true taste of this city's dining culture. We dare you to not only enjoy eating the cuisine, but making it yourself.

At the Opera Cooking School, you can learn how these master chefs create traditional french dishes. Enroll in one of the many classes they offer, such as a pastry, a macaroon or a bread class. And for those of you who are looking for a very satisfying challenge, may I suggest taking on the three-course meal class. Prices are around $200 per person, available year-round. Classes are taught in English by Chef Myriam Claire and typically last about 3 hours. So, show up, don an apron, grab a knife -- and you will be saying bon appetit like Julia Child in no time!

4. Free fall 12,000 feet -- indoors

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to jump out of an airplane, but don't want the risk of ruining your dream vacation? Then, we dare you to experience that stomach-in-your-throat adventure, indoors, at Aerokart's free-fall wind tunnel adventure activity in Paris, France.

Boasting 12 seriously powerful engines that generate over 155-mph winds beneath you, this is the largest and most powerful wind tunnel on the planet. The two-and-a-half-minute suspension simulates jumping out of a airplane from 12,000 feet three times! That is the equivalent to jumping from the top of more than 33 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other!

The cost is 70 euros -- and at a fraction of the cost and fraction of the risk of really jumping out of an airplane, we dare you to take on this mind-blowing free-fall challenge.

Location: 199-203 route de Pontoise
+33 1 3025 7190

5. Take on the Arc

A trip to Paris would not be complete without hiring a taxi to take you on an unforgettable and unnerving thrill ride around the Arc de Triomphe... and travelers insurance. The roundabout surrounding this monument is known for having probably the most chaotic traffic you could imagine. This is no ordinary intersection either. Constructed in 1901, it is the first modern roundabout built, even four years before Columbus Circle in New York City.

It is apparent that the Parisians were still working out the kinks, since it was the first of its kind. A dozen major streets intersect here at this insane circle and, with virtually no posted speed limit and no lines to indicate lanes, it is a motorist free-for-all. We dare you to ride at rush hour, which is 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and be sure to hang on tight as your taxi dodges and weaves its way around the Arc.

So as you can see, Paris, the gem capital city of France, offers a taste of tradition infused with modern adventure. It is sophisticated, passionate and wild, all in one. We dare you to really get acquainted and become familiar with all that Paris has to offer.

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