Professional apologizer: Get hired for the sorriest job


Say you're sorry, you're full of deepest regret, it's your fault, it's your bad. Say it in a multitude of ways and be prepared to be on call 24/7 to say it quickly, succinctly and diplomatically to a multitude of aggrieved plane passengers.

Those are among the qualifications you'll need to snag a professional apologizer position at Southwest Airlines under Fred Taylor Jr. It's one of the travel industry's coolest gigs, brought to light by a recent article in the Chicago Tribune. But WalletPop went one step further: We interviewed Taylor to find out how you can get your sorry self to say you're sorry for a living.

The pay is better than a schoolteacher, Taylor confirmed, and the benefits are outstanding. (Unfortunately, and it pains us to tell you, there are no openings at the moment. We're so very sorry.)

  • You'll need a college degree but it doesn't have to be in communications or another writing field.

  • You'll probably need plenty of experience in customer service or a related post at Southwest. Taylor's staff averaged around seven years when he hired them.