FrontierVille Varmint Cannon arrives

frontierville varmint cannon

Varmint Cannons have started to roll onto FrontierVille, as mentioned earlier this week. Of course, you can't just buy a cannon -- that would be too easy. You're going to have to put in a little elbow grease and get help from your friends before you can blast varmints in one click.To get started on building your very own varmint blaster -- head to the Market, and buy the Cannon Quest. It costs 5,000 coins and can be found under the *Special* tab. It's pretty hard to miss, just look for the picture of the bear skull with the two crossed cannons behind it.

frontierville cannon quest in market

frontierville missions

Once you've purchased that, you will launch a series of missions. The first mission is to Build a Foundry!


frontierville varmint cannon

To start construction on the Foundry you will need three things:

1. A Saltpeter, created by completing and turning in the Manure Collection
2. Craft fire
3. Build a Foundry

The Foundry can be purchased in the Market for 50,000 coins and 50 Wood.

frontierville foundry

Once you buy the foundry, place it on your property and start whacking it. You'll need to give it 25 whacks total (each whack requires 1 Energy) and you'll spend 10 Wood per whack. So bascially, it'll take 25 Energy and 250 Wood to raise the frame on the foundry. You'll earn 2 XP per whack, for a total of 50 XP when you're done. Once you've completed all that whacking, the frame will look like this (see image below).

But, hold up pardner! Not so fast. The job ain't done yet. You'll then need to collect 25 building materials required to get the Foundry in working order. Here's what you'll need:
  • 5 Shingles
  • 5 Mallets
  • 5 Pegs
  • 5 Cement
  • 5 Windows
As per usual, there are several ways you can get all of the materials you need:

1. Ask friends to send you materials. Click the 'Ask Friends' button, which will launch the friend selector.
2. Buy materials using horseshoes
3. Receive materials as free gifts from neighbors

frontierville finish your foundry

Once you have all of the materials, click 'Finish.' You will be rewarded with 100 XP, 500 coins and you'll have the option to share extra 'poop' with your friends via a Facebook wall post.

frontierville foundry finished


Phew! Mission one complete. But wait, there's more! Cannon mission #2 will arrive as soon as #1 is done. This goal is called "What We Need is a Snake Cannon," and you'll need to pull off three things to get 'er done.

frontierville snake cannon

1. Craft or Buy One Powder Keg

To Craft a Powder Keg, open the Foundry building that you just completed, and you will be taken to the Crafting Workbench. You'll need a saltpeter (which you can get by turning in the Manure Collection) and 5 Fires (which can be made in the Wagon) -- to make one Powder Keg.

frontierville crafting workbench

If you don't want to do the extra work, you can always opt to buy the Powder Keg in the Market. You can buy one Powder Keg for 1 Horseshoe or 5 Powder Kegs for 4 Horseshoes.
frontierville powder kegs

2. Get 10 Insurance Waivers from Neighbors

Post a message to your Facebook wall asking friends to send you Insurance Waivers, and if they do so, they will also be rewarded with an Insurance Waiver.

frontierville insurance waiver

3. Buy Snake Cannon

To purchase a snake cannon, click on the Foundry and select 'Buy Cannon.' That will pop the cannon store, and you should be able to buy a Snake Cannon for 5,000 coins.
frontierville buy snake cannon

frontierville foundry cannon collection

See below to take a peek at what the Snake Cannon looks like once it's placed on your homestead.

Once you've completed this Goal, you will be rewarded with 100 XP and three Powder Kegs, and the option to share experience with friends via your Facebook Wall.

frontierville need snake cannon rewards

Once you've got your snake cannon ready to go -- the next mission will arrive...


cannon that shoots snakes

The goals in this mission are as follows:

Clear one skull:

Fire Snake Cannon Twice:

Purchase A Bucket:


Got any tips on how to get your Varmint Cannon up and running quickly? Or, are you just looking for supplies related to this quest? Leave a note in the comments below.
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