U2 fined for rehearsing too loudly?


The city of Barcelona, Spain is fining Irish rockers U2 $22,000 for rehearsing too loudly and for too long. Seriously? Come on over to my back yard, U2, you can rehearse all you want for free!

The band, one of the most successful in the world, offended the fine residents of Barcelona last summer during their "U2 360 Degrees" tour by rehearsing for two hours more than permitted. And the city council is not stopping its campaign for quietness and decency there -- it is also looking at "fining Colombian singer Shakira for recording a video in the city without a permit, dancing in a fountain and riding a motorbike without a helmet," according to the AP.

This tour is U2's first under their 12-year deal with Live Nation and is sponsored by Research In Motion's BlackBerry. The tour began in 2009 and runs through 2011, with performances across the world.