Restaurant City's Bazaar Week provides a taste of Moroccan Luxury

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Falafel lovers rejoice! Restaurant City has rolled out a Moroccan Bazaar theme that is both luxurious and exotic. A Bazaar is a permanent market selling a great variety of things, similar to what you might call a flea market. Yet, traditional Bazaars have taken on a now iconic look, and with Restaurant City's new theme you can fill your eatery with the eastern items. As usual, the Restaurant City update features new items, appliances, decor, and recipes. You can even turn your restaurant into a full-fledged, trendy hookah bar. Let your imaginations run wild my friends!

Continue reading to see pictures and prices of all the new Bazaar Week items.
restaurant city bazaar morocco
Turkish Sofa - 1,200 Coins or Free Gift
Blue Moroccan Chair - 1,500 Coins
Red Moroccan Chair - 1,800 Coins
Pink Moroccan Chair - 2,000 Coins
Blue Moroccan Sofa - 2,600 Coins
Pink Moroccan Sofa - 2,600 Coins
Red Moroccan Sofa - 2,600 Coins

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Large Gilded Table - 3 Playfish Cash
Star Side Table - 900 Coins or Free Gift
Octagon Side Table - 1,300 Coins
Small Gilded Table - 1,600 Coins
Large Octagonal Side Table - 1,800 Coins

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Wall Decorations
Moroccan Wall Lamp - 6,000 Coins with email permission

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Exotic Vase - 4 Playfish Cash
Red African Floor Lamp - 5 Playfish Cash
Tunisian Rug - 6 Playfish Cash
Moroccan Archway - 8 Playfish Cash
Moroccan Market Archway - 14 Playfish Cash
Pink Moroccan Corner Sofa - 1,000 Coins or Free Gift
Silver Kettle - 1,000 Coins or Free Gift
Moroccan Divider - 1,700 Coins
Moroccan Divider Block - 1,700 Coins
Red Moroccan Corner Sofa - 2,800 with email permission
Gold Kettle - 3,000 Coins with email permission
Hookah - 6,500 Coins
restaurant city bazaar morocco
Blue African Floor Lamp - 10,000 Coins
Hookah Customer - 14,000 Coins
Turkish Rug - 15,000 Coins
Humble Waiter - 17,000 Coins

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Mosaic Toilet - 8 Playfish Cash - Works without breaking 8 times longer and works 60% faster
Mosaic Sink - 12,000 Coins

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Dark Tunisian Wallpaper - 3,200 Coins
Light Tunisian Wallpaper - 3,200 Coins

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Floor Tiles
Brown Moroccan Tile - 35 Coins
Red Imperial Tile - 45 Coins
Brown Imperial Tile - 45 Coins
Turkish Stone Tile - 70 Coins

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Kitchen Appliances
Turkish Stove - 20 Playfish Cash - serves 15% faster

restaurant city bazaar morocco
Mint Tea - Tea Leaves, Mint, Water
Doner Kebab - Flour, Lamb, Onion, Salad
Moroccan Lamb Shank - Lamb, Lamb, Mint, Coriander

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