Moving Cost: Ways to Budget Your Move

Leah Gillis
moving cost moving truck
moving cost moving truck

Sharmaine R. has moved three times within Los Angeles in the past year and a half. In the three years before that, she moved five times -- including to and from another city. "I've learned that planning is key to keeping your moving costs where you want it to be," she says.

Sharmaine has completed all types of moves and has learned that you can move easily, no matter what your budget -- you just need to know what the moving costs are and where you can save. Good planning and doing as much as you can ahead of moving day will save you hundreds, even thousands on your move. "I've wasted hundreds on stupid things, from last minute box-buying to not getting day van-rental referrals from friends," says our perpetual mover.

Moving is the time to ask people to share their resources and do your research: The difference can mean thousands of dollars saved.