More complaints and problems for American Shingle

Empty pockets illustrate money lost by American Shingle customersThe number of complaints from homeowners filed against American Shingle and Siding, Inc. continues to grow, reports the Better Business Bureau. So far, the agency has logged nearly 600 complaints since the Atlanta-based company shut down operations two weeks ago, leaving consumers across 10 states without new roofs.

The company's problems don't stop there. Authorities in Tennessee and Georgia, the Secret Service and several attorneys general are investigating. Rick Harlow, special agent in charge for the Secret Service's Memphis field office, told Consumer Ally that his agency is working with Memphis Police to determine if the company violated any federal laws or if the case is a local or civil matter.

"Several people were defrauded out of their money," he said. "We're trying to help Memphis Police sort that out."

Deputy Sean DeFoe, public information officer with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office in Macon, Georgia, told Consumer Ally that the Sheriff there plans to file criminal charges.

BBB officials in North Carolina say that of the 600 or so complaints filed, 136 victims live in North Carolina and South Carolina. The agency estimates those homeowners have lost more than $563,343.

"This is one of the worst cases that we have ever seen at the Better Business Bureau," Charlotte BBB President Tom Bartholomy said in a statement. "Not only have these homeowners lost their insurance money that was supposed to pay for a new roof, they still have a damaged roof which they may have to pay to replace out of their own pockets."

Aside from not getting a new roof as promised, Bartholomy warns homeowners that they could see an increase in their insurance premiums if they filed a claim and that their insurance company could choose not to renew their policy.
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