Mistake Emergency Announcement Scares Plane Passengers

Passengers on a British Airways flight got quite a scare when a pre-recorded announcement that the plane was about to make an emergency water landing was mistakenly triggered.

The Sun newspaper reports the false alarm happened on a flight from London to Hong Kong. The plane, with 275 passengers onboard, was flying over the North Sea at the time.

"This is an emergency announcement," said the automated female voice. "We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water."

Michelle Lord, 32, says passengers prepared for the worst until crew ran through the plane saying it was a mistake.

"People were terrified. We all thought we were going to die," Lord says.

The carrier apologized to passengers for the "undue distress."

A British Airways spokesman tells Reuters the incident is under investigation to determine if it was caused by human error or a computer glitch.

Photo, prayitno, flickr
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