Happy Hour in Montreal

Happy Hour Montreal


From laid-back to live entertainment to an authentic Marseillaise bistro with its own lawn-bowling court, Montreal offers a little something for everyone -- and a number of great specials for happy hour.

Bond Lounge Grill

Happy Hour: 4PM - 7PM
101 Fairmount Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2M4
(514) 759-6607

Best deal:
Saganaki flambé à l'ouzo and a nice glass of apple ice wine.

Every day of the week is an adventure in both entertainment and culinary delight at Bond Lounge Grill. Considered one of Montreal's premier hot spots, their tapas menu is one of the best in the city; they have a wine list that reads more like a phone book than a table side menu, and they offer world-class signature dishes to boot. The decor is very modern and a lot of work has gone into keeping the ambiance inside similar to the vibe one gets throughout Montreal itself. Bond offers beer and wine specials, three tapas for the price of two on Sundays and daily drink bonanzas for a perfect getaway from life's common annoyances.

Le Massillia

12PM - 3AM Daily
4543 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec H2V 4E4
(514) 678-1862

Best deal: Ham and butter sandwich with a glass of locally brewed beer.

You might want to try this happy hour in Montreal. This is the only authentic Marseillaise Bistro in all of Montreal, complete with its very own lawn bowling court. From the moment you enter this quaint little sports bar, you are instantly teleported half way around the world to the streets of Paris. Three enormous plasma TVs broadcast soccer and rugby matches from all over the world. Combine that with classic French cuisine and extremely inexpensive drinks all day, everyday and what more could you ask for?

Le Saloon Bistro Bar Café

Happy Hour: 5PM to 7PM Monday through Friday
1333 Rue Ste-Catherine East.
Montreal, Quebec H2L 2H4
(514) 522-1333

Best deal: Chicken fillets Tex-Mex with a rum and coke for that perfect blend of hot and spicy.

With some of the best DJs in Canada and a menu that screams elegance, Le Saloon boasts a "rodeo for the senses" and they definitely back up their claim on all fronts. Monday through Friday from 5PM to 7PM, Le Saloon offers happy hour cocktails for $6.95 and beers for $5. The bar's atmosphere is very modern, with a great warmth throughout its two floors.

St-Laurent Bifteck Bar

Happy Hour: 2PM - 8:30PM Daily
3702 St.-Laurent Boul
Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V4
(514) 844-6211

Best deal: Any of the locally micro-brewed beers that are readily available on tap.

If you are looking for a very laid-back atmosphere, then this is definitely the place for you. Bifteck offers no frills or over-the-top luxuries; however, what it lacks in curb appeal, it makes up for with a vast array of low priced drink specials, multitudes of pool tables, and everything you would expect a blue collar bar to be. Free popcorn is always available for the patrons to munch on and the TV sets are always tuned to local sporting events. Drink specials range from $3.75 bottles of domestic beers, glasses of house wine for $3.25 and two for one specials on various cocktails.

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