Friday Freebies: free yoga, back to school supplies, hair care and Cheetos!

Friday freebies - photo of yoga practictioners
Friday freebies - photo of yoga practictioners

There is something for everyone in this week's wild and wacky list of Friday Freebies. Want to lose weight? Take advantage of free yoga classes and a seven-day free gym membership. Got a student at home? There are many free and practically-free deals on back-to-school supplies for the upcoming school year. And don't forget about the free Cheetos and free shampoo and conditioner from Aveeno. At the end of this post is my video on end of summer deals. Enjoy your weekend!

At the top of my list of favorite pseudo-holidays (like National Pancake Day) is National Yoga Month. This September, there are free yoga classes, free week-long yoga studio passes, and other events to celebrate a type of exercise that relaxes the body and the mind. I'm a yogi -- can you tell? If you are new to yoga, National Yoga Month offers a low-cost way to try it out! You don't have to buy a mat to take advantage of these deals. Many yoga studios offer free mats to borrow during class or charge a nominal fee, like $1. Just make sure to wash your hands after class. A lot of other yogis have sweated on that mat. Everything you need to know about National Yoga Month is on (see above link). The site has a list of 1,500-plus studios that are giving away free week long yoga passes. A smaller number of studios have free days. The "holiday" is also a promotional vehicle for the "Titans of Yoga" DVD, which is $25. (Expect lower prices as part of the month-long celebration). If you miss the free yoga or do not have an event close to you, look for donation and community classes for reduced rates.