Free downloads: Broken Social Scene, Willie Nelson, Vampire Weekend; Dandy Warhols streams

Ten free and legal downloads and streams sure to strike the ear of the cash-strapped college student.

1. Broken Social Scene:
"All To All" (DJ Mom Jeans Remix)
Depending on the night, this rotating indie rock collective features anywhere from six to 19 players with co-founders Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning serving as the main constant. Catch a mashed-up, dream-pop sample from the new "Forgiveness Rock Record," which includes appearances from Feist and Metric's Emily Haines, amongst many more.

2. Willie Nelson:
"Man With the Blues"
Considering his luminary status as one of country music's elder statesmen, Willie Nelson has little reason to have the blues. Nonetheless, he sings it with convincing passion and southern-fried finger picking, wrapped in tasty production from the legendary T Bone Burnett (John Mellencamp, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?").