Fast cash: 10 high-paying jobs with two-year degrees

Many high school graduates flock to four-year universities. But those schools aren't for everyone. Some students can't fund the degree, others' interests lie in specialty fields not covered at the average four-year school, and some students are just plain sick of school.

For students who want to avoid forking over four years of tuition, consider aiming for an associate's degree instead of a bachelor's. Earn a full salary for half the price, in half the time by pursuing one of the following highest paying jobs that you can get with a two-year degree:

10. Funeral Director
: If you're sensitive, with an interest in different cultural and religious customs, consider a career as a funeral director. The job calls for excellent people relations and event planning skills. The idea of dealing with death on a daily basis doesn't appeal to everyone, but often times, funeral directors find helping the deceased's loved ones an emotionally moving profession.
Average salary: $46,900

9. Court Reporter
: Law and Order junkies rejoice! Perfect your shorthand in order to transcribe legal proceedings. Also consider revisiting childhood favorite, Mavis Beacon, to up your typing speed. A degree and experience in court reporting often paves the way for jobs in typing captions for television shows and government transcription.
Average salary: $49,700