FarmVille Crafting Mastery Guide

farmville crafting mastery guide
As you know FarmVille Crafting Mastery is now available for all farmers.

To begin your Crafting Mastery just continue making your Goods. When your Recipe levels increase you will unlock more levels of mastery which will give you more XP and Coins.

Each Recipe is organized by Star Levels. The higher tier level of your Crafting Building, the higher the Craft Mastery will be for that Recipe. Each Recipe will have five Mastery or Star Levels available per each Crafting Recipe. If it seems confusing, refer to the chart below, provided by Zynga, that displays what Recipe Level is required before you can unlock a specific Mastery Star.
farmville crafting mastery guide
Zynga's Example: "If you have a 1-star Bakery on your farm, the first recipes available to you were Pumpkin Bread, Strawberry Shortcake and Spicy Muffin. You can earn your first Mastery star in those three recipes once that you reach recipe level 20. If you upgrade your Bakery to 2-star, you unlock a new slew of recipes: Patty Pan Tart, Triple Berry Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie. For these recipes you need to reach recipe level 23 to get your first Mastery star.
In order to get a second Mastery star for Pumpkin Vinegar (which requires a 4-star Winery) you will need to raise your recipe level to 39."

If you would like to check your current progress for a specific Recipes Craft Mastery, ..

Craft Mastery Rewards & Craft Mastery Signs

So, you may ask what is the point in participating in Crafting Mastery? Just like with Crop Mastery, mastering a Craft Recipe rewards you with additional XP (experience points) and bonus Coins. Not to mention, you get a cool Crafting Mastery Sign for your farm to let everyone know that you are a master crafter.

After earning your first star with a Crafting Recipe, you will be rewarded with a Recipe Mastery Sign. You can find the Craft Recipe Mastery Sign in your FarmVille Gift Box. By placing your sign on your farm you can simply hover over the sign to check your Mastery progress and what you need to reach the next Star Level.

Whenever you earn more star levels, your sign will automatically update to reflect your current mastery status.

Crafting Building Mastery Signs can also be placed in storage.

The chart below reflects the specific Recipe Mastery level with coordinating XP and Coin Rewards.
farmville crafting mastery guide
Upon earning each star level, you will be given the opportunity to share a FaceBook newsfeed notice with your FarmVille neighbors. Up to 5 neighbors can receive a free good from your post.

Remember, that any progress up to this point is retroactive, meaning that all your hard work will automatically count towards your Crafting Mastery.

Some of you may find as soon as Crafting Mastery was released you immediately earned Crafting Mastery for some Recipes by finding the Crafting Mastery Signs in your FarmVille Gift Box.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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