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It can happen anywhere -- you need to use the restroom but there is nowhere to go. Public restrooms have long been thought of as dirty, minimally cared for facilities. The public restrooms in Omaha, however, offer a few pleasant surprises. Here are my recommendations for the top five public restrooms in Omaha. Hopefully, they'll come in handy when emergency situations arise.

Top Family Restroom: Westroads Mall

Westroads Mall features one of the most upscale Omaha restrooms for families. This 600-square-foot facility is located just behind the tree playground on the second floor, near Dick's Sporting Goods. When you walk in, you are greeted by two comfortable leather sofas and a leather chair. Three private restrooms are located on the right and feature adult and child size toilets. Near the back of the room is a long, 12-foot changing table, complete with a safety rail. Nursing moms will appreciate the private nursing room, which is comfortably equipped with a chair and changing table. For easy access to this restroom, park on the second level near JC Penney and use the automatic doors and covered walkway.

Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-6PM

Westroads Mall
10000 California St.
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 397-2398

Top Park Restroom: Hefflinger Park

Hefflinger Park features a dog park, BMX bike park and kid-friendly playground. Hundreds of people visit the park on weekends throughout the year, even in the snow. Each of the three sets of public restrooms is clean and bug free, a rarity among public outdoor bathrooms, even in a city like Omaha. Skylights keep these restrooms energy efficient, bright and welcoming.

Hefflinger Park
Hefflinger Park Rd., off Old Maple Rd.
Omaha, NE 68122
(402) 444-5900

Top Restaurant Restroom: Olive Garden

The Olive Garden on Dodge Street is home to the top public restroom in Omaha that's in a restaurant. The men's restroom boasts two urinals and two stalls, while the women's restroom has four stalls. Enjoy the Italian mood music and soft lighting while admiring the rich 12" x 12" stone on the walls. The facilities are handicap accessible, and the ladies room is also stocked with lotion, towels and scented perfume. This restroom leaves patrons wishing it was in their own homes.

Hours: Sun-Thu 11AM-10PM, Fri-Sat 11AM-11PM

Olive Garden
7505 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 393-8404

Top Port-a-Potty: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, located on the Missouri River, cost over $22 million to build and connects Omaha to Council Bluffs, IA. Visitors can walk or bike on the bridge free of cost, and they can also take advantage of some of the best free public restrooms in Omaha – and Iowa, for that matter. When parking on the west side of the bridge, you will see two large handicap accessible restrooms. Each facility is over 8' x 5' and comes fully equipped with a toilet, urinal and hand sanitizer. Visit this out-of-the-ordinary port-a-potty before heading out on a hike across the great Missouri River.

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
705 Riverfront Dr.
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 444-5900

Top Unusual Restroom: Children's Hospital

The local Children's Hospital features a fun, colorful atmosphere to help lift the spirits of its small patients, so it's only fitting that it's home to the most unusual public restroom in Omaha. The women's restroom is located on the second floor of the main building near the theater. This triangle-shaped bathroom is rounded-off and curvy with two stalls, including one very large handicap accessible stall. The walls are covered with rich tiles, and the lighting is soft and elegant. If you're visiting this beautiful Omaha restroom, don't forget to include a stop by the lobby to see the Rock River, which flows the entire length of the entryway.

Children's Hospital
8200 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68114
(800) 437-0272
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