Best Buy starts buying used video games, will soon resell them

Gamer magazine cover from Best BuyLiterally a day after Target announced that the company would begin buying used video games and electronics in half of Target locations by the end of the year, Best Buy has announced that it is expanding the online video game trade-in service it has been running to 600 stores starting today, with more to follow this fall, and will soon be selling used games.

Best Buy is kicking off the new in-store video game trade-in program with a special on over 100 games which shoppers can trade in for a $20 Best Buy gift card. The trade-in value for video games will vary based on popularity, and the $20 gift certificate is the trade-in value for the game, not a bonus. The titles included in the kick-off promotion will be announced in the Sunday August 28th weekly flyer and gamers can check the value of their used games online, something that neither Target nor used game titan GameStop allows.

To find out which stores are participating in the in-store used game trade-in program, shoppers can visit the Best Buy Game Trade-In website where you can search by state. If your local store is not currently a participant, you can still trade your used video games, consoles and accessories for Best Buy credit by mailing them in to Best Buy for free. You will receive a gift card by mail within a few weeks. The online and in-store prices paid for used video games will be the same.

In the near future, Best Buy will also begin selling used video games and accessories in its stores, a deal for shoppers who are looking to save on their entertainment options. The move is likely in response to increased competition from GameStop for consumers who are looking for the cheapest place to buy games. The increased competition may prove beneficial to consumers on both fronts, with competition forcing retailers to sell at a lower price and to pay a higher price for used games.

Of course, video game publishers could make the value proposition harder by limiting what purchasers can do with a used game. THQ is planning to include a one-time use code in the Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 game that enables online play as well as downloadable content. Used game purchasers will need to spend $10 to play online, which is the standard discount applied to used games in the first few months after a game's release.
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