Army awards $52 million in military scholarships

ROTC crew walks ropes to build teamwork
ROTC crew walks ropes to build teamwork

The price of a college education is going up every year and students are continually looking for any form of financial aid they can get. Instead of taking out student loans through banks or credit unions, many students are looking for military scholarships and applying to be a part of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program.

The Army ROTC says it has awarded $51.2 million in military scholarships to 2,500 students for the fall semester. The ROTC has more than 1,100 schools in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam where students can use their military scholarships.

Students who receive military scholarships must serve a minimum of four years in the military after they graduate. Cadet Anthony Sickelka, a senior at Alma College, joined the ROTC after his freshman year of college. On top of the degree he will earn from Alma College, Sickelka is excited about the leadership skills he has acquired through the ROTC program.