What's the most bedbug infested U.S. city?

New York City has more bedbugs than any other urban area, giving it the dubious distinction of being named the most bedbug infested city in the United States.

The Big Apple surpassed Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati and Chicago, according to extermination company Terminix, which compiled the list based on call volume.
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Business is booming at Terminix. The company has seen bookings for its commercial bedbug eradication service double over the last three years, and calls from households are also significantly higher.

New York City is so concerned about the critters it has allocated $500,000 to raise awareness about the pests, which don't carry disease but are difficult to eliminate.

Terminix says the bugs tend to hitch a ride from one location to the next, making hotels, airplanes and cruise ships their favorite hangouts.

How do you spot a bedbug infestation, or stop one from beginning? Check mattresses for dark blood spots, and avoid picking up used mattresses or furniture left out on the street.

The 2010 most bedbug-infested cities:

1. New York
2. Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Cincinnati
5. Chicago
6. Denver
7. Columbus, Ohio
8. Dayton, Ohio
9. Washington, D.C.
10. Los Angeles
11. Boston
12. Indianapolis
13. Louisville, Ky.
14. Cleveland
15. Minneapolis, Minn.
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