Sample Resume: Critical Care Nurse


Cherie Brown was trying to get into a Nurse Practitioner program. She turned to University of Montana career counselor and resume writer Cheryl Minnick for guidance on how to craft a resume that would make her a desirable candidate for this highly-competitive program. Cherie had several obstacles to overcome and Minnick created a strategy to address them all.

According to Minnick, it took her four years to obtain a two-year AS Nursing degree from a community college. During that four-year period of time, she remained unemployed - purposely. Because of a learning disability, she took her time with only a partial credit-load, and no job, so that she could excel in her academics. Her disability is not something she wishes to be made known to hiring directors or college admissions directions, as it does not affect her work performance.

Additionally, because she has only an AS in Nursing, rather than a BS, Minnick highlighted Brown's certifications, trainings, and core competencies.

There is a hidden-in-plain site red flag -- for a nurse, to work two years for two temporary agencies (2006-2007), rather than moving directly into employment, could cause inquiry. She was simply waiting for an army nursing position to open, yet simultaneously gaining more experience in different settings with different populations of patients.

The resume was submitted for admission to a Nurse Practioner program - she was told that provided her test scores were high enough, based solely on her resume - she would be offered provisional admission. She is now in the first month of her studies.

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