Critter Island: LOLapps launches island management game


LOLapps is a large application developer, but they haven't had a breakout hit game -- yet. They're looking to change that with its new island resort management game, Critter Island. This game takes some of the best mechanics from similar games and combines them to make something that is a fresh take on an old theme.

In Critter Island, the main goal is to keep an island resort chock full of happy tourists, grow the resort population, and decorate to your heart's content. In that regard, it's similar in objective to Crowdstar's Happy Island and a few other island games out there. Here's how Critter Island sets itself from the masses -- Each tourist has a personality - if you click on them you can see their name and a clever and whimsical little quote. In order to make money in Critter Island, players have to have the right kind of entertainment and amusement buildings to keep the tourists happy. Happy tourists will pay tips to your buildings and give you an income that allows you to do things such as buy bigger and better entertainment.

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