FarmVille pigpens slowly starting to roll out to players

farmville pigpen
farmville pigpen

FarmVille pigpens are starting to arrive on farms as you read this. I've already started getting requests from materials from my neighbors on my Facebook wall.

Here's what we've learned about the pigpens so far:

  • Like the chicken coops, you can only have one per farm

  • Pigpens can be harvested every 24 hours

  • When you harvest, you have a 15% chance of acquiring an item

  • Pigpen takes 8 Wooden Boards, 8 Nails and 8 Brick to build

  • The pigpen holds 20 pigs

  • The pigpen is 7x6 or 42 squares

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Did you get the pigpen yet? Got any good additional info? Leave a note in the comments below. Do it.