FarmVille Pigpens: Everything you need to know

farmville pigpens have arrived

After several weeks of teasing, FarmVille pigpens have finally arrived. Sooey! The pigpens will hold up to 20 lil' porkers at a time and can be harvested once a day for a bonus.

Farmers can only own one pigpen at a time, and if you don't have one yet -- don't fret. These new buildings are rolling out slowly to everyone. You'll know if the pigpen is available, when you log in to the game and see the following message:

Once you click 'OK,' head to the gift box to find your pigpen frame (yes, you have to build out your pigpen).

farmville pigpen

Click 'Use' and then place the frame on your farm, and it will look like the picture below. The pigpen frame is a little on the large side (it's 7x6 or 42 squares), so be sure you have a decent amount of space free before you try to place it.

Once the pigpen is placed -- it's time to get building. Start by letting your neighbors know that you're starting to build a pigpen; post a note the Facebook Wall asking for help.

farmville pigpen

You will need eight bricks, eight nails and eight wooden boards to build out your pen. Like most other buildables in FarmVille -- there are several ways to get all of the materials you need to get the job done.

farmville pigpen

1. Ask your friends for materials from the Pigpen menu by clicking the 'Ask for more' button under the desired item. Once you click that, you'll be asked to select friends to whom you want to send a request.

2. You can complete the pigpen by clicking on the 'Buy' button to get all of the materials for 24 Farm Cash. If you've already collected a few of the items, you can click the 'Complete Now' button, and pay the discounted price to finish your pigpen.

3. You can also randomly receive these items as a free gift from friends. Each player will have two of the three materials available to send at a time, so different players will be able to send different materials.

As you get more materials the pigpen's physical appearance will begin to change:

After you snag 12 materials, you'll be able to post a message to you Facebook wall, and the first 10 people who click will receive a random building component for their pigpen. When you finish you Pigpen, you will be able to broadcast it on your Facebook wall, and the first 10 neighbors who who click on that notification will also get a random building component for their pigpens.

pigpen inside

farmville pigpehn truffles
Also, once the pigpen is complete, your pigs will be able to hunt for rare truffles on friends' farms -- though it doesn't look like this feature is available just yet. In the FarmVille podcast last week, we also learned that you will need to feed pigs slop (made from bushels) to send them a-huntin,' and truffles can be traded in for prizes, including new (and I presume, rare) breeds of pigs, like, perhaps, the Pink Potbelly Pig in the picture below.

farmville pig hunting for truffles

We'll add more info on this as soon as we have it. In the meantime, happy building!

What do you think of the new pigpens? Are they worth the effort? Need materials for yours? Leave a note in the comments below.

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