FarmVille Permanent Crops: Spinach and Carnival Squash Crops

FarmVille SpinachFarmVille Carnival Squash
Star 1: 300
Star 2: 600
Star 3: 900
Carnival Squash
Star 1: 2,000
Star 2: 4,000
Star 3: 6,000
There are two new permanent crops, Spinach and Carnival Squash now available in the FarmVille Market! Both of these seeds can be purchased at any time and will have Crop Mastery available. Spinach seeds cost 35 Coins and are ready to harvest in 14 hours and yield 95 Coins and 2 XP. Carnival Squash seeds cost 355 Coins and ready to harvest in 8 hours and yield 435 Coins and 1 XP.

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