Dallas Slang

Dallas Slang

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If you find yourself smack dab in the middle of North Central Texas, being able to recognize Dallas slang is crucial. Visitors should know first and foremost that the local language is honest and to the point. Often, the words you hear from a Dallasite paint a colorful picture by analogizing the matter at hand. Many phrases are also euphemisms – a polite way of saying something not so nice. Suffice it to say, Dallas slang gets the point across quite vividly!

Below is a descriptive list of locally used words and phrases you may wish to know before visiting the Big D. Want to avoid being labeled a tourist? Try this Dallas slang on for size.

1. "Y'all"

Of course, this phrase is number one on the list. A contraction of "you all," this phrase is certainly not exclusive to Dallas. Slang for two or more people, "y'all" is heard throughout the southern U.S. Keep in mind that for a native Dallasite, saying "you guys" is just plain foreign (Northerners – you might get some looks).

2. "Folks or Kinfolks"

Your family. As in, "How are your folks?"

3. "Fixin' to"

About to do something. As in, "I am fixin' to make breakfast."

4. "Over yonder"

Over there. In other words, not here.

5. "Sam Hill"

A polite substitute for "hell." Dallasites typically don't like to curse, so don't expect to be bombarded with expletives, even if you say "you guys." Instead, you might hear something to the effect of, "What in the Sam Hill are you doing?"

6. "Bless her heart"

A phrase used as a polite way of pitying a person or as a preface to an insult (supposedly to lessen the injury). For example, "Bless her heart, she can't help she was born ugly." Or, "Bless her heart, she makes poor choices in husbands."

7. "Blowhard"

A boastful person; a person full of air. While some not knowing the Dallas local lingo may understandably think this term has to do with the city's tornadic weather, it really describes a person that can do just as much damage.

8. "Hitch in his get-along"

Description of a person who has a limp, whether temporary or permanent, that keeps him from walking normally.

9. "Fit to be tied"

Very angry to the point of needing to be restrained. As in, "I was fit to be tied when my neighbor cut down my favorite tree."

10. "Hold your horses!"

Be patient! Slow down!

11. "Metroplex"

The Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is a somewhat modern term that isn't cloaked in as much lore as most Dallas-isms. It was coined to distinguish North "Central" Texas from far North Texas - the panhandle. The metroplex describes Dallas, Fort Worth and all the suburbs thereof.

And, regarding Dallas lingo for food and fare:

12. "Coke"

Any type of carbonated beverage. Not necessarily Coca-Cola, that is. Dallasites do not distinguish between these beverages. If you are asked if you want a coke, be prepared that you may receive just about anything fizzy.

13. "Tea"

More specifically, iced tea. Unless you are having Asian cuisine, it is assumed in Dallas that you are asking for iced tea. Don't be surprised if you are faced with the choice of sweetened or unsweetened tea, at that!

14. "Gravy"

Cream gravy, that is. This hearty topping is what you'll find on biscuits, chicken, chicken fried steak, etc.

And, finally:

15. "Come see us!"

In other words, "You are welcome to visit anytime!" If this is your send off, you can rest assured you made a good impression.

There's an example of Dallas slang in the first sentence of this article. Can you find it?

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