Ace of Space: Letting Go of Sentimental Objects

tammy strobel, ace of space, chair
tammy strobel, ace of space, chair

Sentimental objects can be difficult to part with because they have meaning -- they aren't just random trinkets or clutter. But keeping and displaying sentimental items is especially difficult for tiny-space dwellers. If you're faced with the problem of too many meaningful mementoes and not enough room, here are a few ways to get the situation under control.

1. Consider passing along heirlooms.

In "The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide," Francine Jay -- a.k.a. Miss Minimalist -- writes, "Instead of squirreling away mementos, honor the person you lost by sharing stories and photographs of them with friends and family.... Our obligation then is not necessarily to keep the items we inherit but to find the best possible home for them. We've been entrusted to steward them to a new home; but it doesn't have to be ours."

Jay recommends lending valuable or historically significant items to a local museum or historical society. Other options include selling less cherished objects on eBay and digitizing old photos and postcards.