Zoo World releases new simple Zoo Missions

Zoo World Missions
Zoo World Missions

Zoo World has been releasing new features at a rate that is much slower than the other games that are its size, but that hasn't been stopping it from growing to huge proportions. Today, the game has released missions that allow players to take part in fun little activities that will earn them prizes. To access the missions, click on the gold heart on the game's toolbar beneath your zoo. Every player starts out with one mission, to rescue the Stranded Teacup Pig. To rescue the pig, simply post to your wall. If 10 friends click on the wall post, both the friends who help and the person who asked for help will earn the Teacup Pig.

Friends can help with a mission one time per day, and help a total of 5 friends per day. The missions are unlocked sequentially, so you have to rescue the teacup pig before you can continue to the next mission. In addition, you can only post to your wall once every 8 hours (which is a limitation by Facebook's Terms of Service). The missions also have a time limit - the Teacup Pig mission has to be completed within 7 days or you will have to start over.

So far, we're not impressed by these "missions". They are nothing more than wall postings to require clicks from friends - which is a tired mechanic that we're seeing all too often in these games. Perhaps you disagree and enjoy the Zoo World missions?