Vacation Photo Helps Catch Thief

A photo taken by a vacationing New Jersey man helped catch a thief in Madison, Wisconsin.

John Myers, of Bloomfield, N.J., had joined his family posing in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol, his new Canon camera set on its self-timer.

The photo snapped shows Myers, his wife, Katherine, and their two young children, Charlie and Matilda, all smiling. It also shows a man in the background grabbing their bag.

Meyers tells the Wisconsin State Journal he didn't check the camera until after the family discovered the bag had gone missing. But sure enough, there was the thief in the photo, rummaging through the bag.

"I thought that maybe I caught the person in my shot, and when I checked, there he was," Myers tells the newspaper.

The stolen bag had Myers' wallet, cash, credit cards and other items.

Myers took his camera to Capitol Police who recognized the man in the photo and quickly made an arrest. The alleged thief was still carrying the family's bag when he was caught.

"I fully expected the Capitol Police to tell me this happens all the time and there was nothing they could do, but as soon as they saw the picture they sent two officers out running and gave out a description," Myers tells the newspaper. "They were amazing."

The suspect, identified as Glenn R. Lambright, 59, of no permanent address, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor theft. He told police he found the bag abandoned, the State Journal reports.

The family's travel memories also include a photo of Matilda posing with the arresting officers.

Family photo

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