Treasure Isle launches first set of Asian Isles maps


Zynga's popular treasure hunting game Treasure Isle has released another new set of maps today, and these ones have an Asian theme. The name of this set is the Rising Sun Run, and it contains 7 new maps that can be explored. Like the previous set of maps, three of these new maps do require Island Cash in order to unlock, which is a bummer. The new maps are the following:

Fuji Isle
Snowy Glade
Sacred Shrine
Tanuki Forest
The Master Artist -
10 Island Cash
Peaceful Monastery - 20 Island Cash
Sushi Shack - 16 Island Cash

In addition to the new maps, a new collection is also available. The new collections are:

Samurai Gear
Necklaces of Power
Fetching Flowers
Necklace Parts
Geisha Ornaments
Bonsai Trees

What do you think of these new maps? Are you finished with all of the other maps yet?