Jobs with extra perks -- like houses, paid college tuitions and baby delivery

Can you imagine a job that comes with a free ocean-view house? Or one where they provide you with free on-site child care, a gym and free gourmet pick-me-up snacks delivered to your desk every day at 3 p.m.?

Jobs with extra perks -pic of special pastor's perk house
Jobs with extra perks -pic of special pastor's perk house

While some 14 million unemployed Americans are busy simply imagining a job -- any job -- some positions boast benefits that are over-the-top. Some are carryovers from the good old pre-recessionary days; others are with companies that retain that quaint philosophy of treating employees as a commodity worth nurturing. And still others are just jobs that traditionally have always had certain perks attached. For example: Free housing for the clergy. Get a parish and get a roof over your head.

Entering the ministry, for the most part, guarantees housing, or at least a housing subsidy as part of the employment package. And while no one is suggesting that clergymen need to live in squalor, if it's high-end ocean-view living you are seeking, the job you want is at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church in Malibu, where the minister gets to live in an architectural home atop an ocean-view bluff.

The church wisely doesn't publicize the home's whereabouts on its website, but let's just say it's a head-turner for most drivers along the Pacific Coast Highway. Located just a spit from the popular Zuma Beach, it stands like a modern beacon with lots of glass and architectural angles. A church spokesman would only confirm that it is owned by the parish and was unwilling to discuss what, if any, financial arrangements are made to lease it to the current minister. What we know: If you minister to this flock, you get some pretty fancy digs.