FarmVille Mystery Game Prizes Updated - August 24, 2010

farmville mystery game update august 24
The FarmVille Mystery Game was updated with prizes tonight, August 24th 2010.

You can purchase your chance at playing the Mystery Game for 16 FV$. The cost is per dart. Be sure to take advantage of any "Free Darts" offered by FarmVille in which you get a chance at playing for free.

This set of Mystery Game prizes will expire in 7 days.

Continue reading to see all the new prizes.
farmville mystery game prizes
Mystery Game Confirmed Prizes (Released August 24, 2010):

  • Stone Pool
  • Pig Trampoline
  • Kids Playhouse
  • Pool House
  • Pot Belly Pig
  • Miniature Pig
farmville mystery game prizes pig trampoline
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What prize did you get in this Mystery Game? Which one is your favorite?
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