Facebook Sues Educator Networking Site for Using 'Book' in Name


Facebook sued a website for educators called Teachbook, saying that Facebook owns the name "book" when it comes to social networking websites.

"Misappropriating the distinctive book portion of Facebook's trademark, defendant has created its own competing online networking community in a blatant attempt to become a Facebook for teachers," Facebook said in a filing in a federal court in San Francisco.

The lawsuit seeks damages from Teachbook, and asks a judge to order Teachbook to stop using "book" in its name.

"Teachbook folks are free to create an online network for teachers or whomever, and we wish them well in that endeavor," Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt told Wired.com. "What they are not free to do is trade on our name or dilute our brand while doing so."

Teachbook calls itself a "professional community for teachers," where educators can share lesson plans and instructional videos, Wired.com said.