Chicago Cop Blasts "Political Hacks" via Blog for Destroying the Department

chicago copIt seems that one of the silver linings of a global recession is that once people take enough abuse at the hands of an incompetent employer, it lends an unwavering courage to stand up and voice complaints - regardless of reprisal. That was the case for Lt. John R. Andrews, a Chicago cop who posted a thoughtfully written 3,000 word assessment on the workings and issues that are currently plaguing his department. [Read the blog post here]

The blog post, which is aptly titled "A City at War with Itself: Chicago -- Fast Tracking to Anarchy (Understanding the Organizational Paralysis of the CPD and the Mission to Recovery)", pointed direct fingers to political officials whom Andrews feels are threatening the integrity of the Chicago police force. But unlike many online ranters and critics, Lt. Andrews did something many people online don't have the courage to do - he included his name on the post.

While many of the officers have dismissed his views as pure rants, there are still a good number that back Andrews and agree with his sentiments. Lt. Andrews explained his reasoning for not adhering to anonymity by saying that he felt it was necessary to add credibility to his argument. The Internal Affairs Department of the CPD have filed disciplinary action against him for bringing "discredit to the Chicago Police Department"; however, it's refreshing to see someone stand up and demand integrity from their workplace - even at the expense of their job.

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