YoVille announces more new cars Coming Soon


This is an official post by Zynga's Platinum Ninja.

YoVille Platinum Ninja's car
YoVille Platinum Ninja's car

Wanted to stop by and fill you all in on some important car updates and announcements! We have quite a few things we would like to give you a heads up on so you can start planning your next car move! Let's check out what to expect later this week...

  • Brand new cars at the Car Store! Hopefully Thursday if all goes well :)

  • We will not be removing the current cars that are currently available at the Car Store, they will still remain purchasable via the in room store.

  • However, we will be replacing the coin option car with a new car. If you want quickly get all of your co-signers to get the Green Hybrid at the coin price make sure to post the co-signer feed ASAP as this car will not be purchasable for coins after Thursday. If you do not receive enough by then that's ok we'll roll over the number of co-signers to the new coin car for you!

**Please note the Green Hybrid will remain purchasable for YoCash after the new coin car is available*

Well that's about all folks! Can't wait to see what the next coin car is? You'll have to wait to find out :)

- Platinum Ninja

What cars and vehicles would you like to see in Yoville?

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