Ticketmaster to start showing full ticket price up front

Ticketmaster; tickets; concerts; showsIn a move as shocking as the New Kids On the Block reunion tour, Ticketmaster announced today that it will start showing the full cost of a ticket, including all venue and convenience fees, up front. The company will also begin offering three-day refunds on LiveNation concerts.

The move is a welcome change to the old model, which provided users solely with a ticket price that could grow by $5 to $20 more in fees by checkout. Now, when you go to Ticketmaster to buy a concert ticket users will see the total price of the ticket from the start.

Don't think that the changes are because Ticketmaster is feeling more charitable. As Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster, explains on his blog, customers are just plain fed up with the process -- and it's hurting ticket sales.

"All of the research we've done, and all of our conversations with fans like you tell us that the way we present these fees in the check out process is a huge frustration for you and hurts ticket sales. You just want to know UP FRONT in the buying process how much of your hard earned money you are being asked to pay for a given seat. If we are as transparent as possible with you sooner in the purchase process, you can make the decision about how much you want to pay to go to an event. The problem is that historically we haven't told you how much you have to pay for a given seat until very late in the buying process. And our data tells us this angers many of you to the point that you abandon your purchase once you see the total cost, and that you don't come back. The data also says (and this is the important piece) that if we had told you up front what the total cost was, you would have bought the ticket! So by perpetuating this antiquated fee presentation, fans are getting upset, while we and our clients are losing ticket sales."
Ticket buyers will still be able to see the actual ticket price when they select seats since the fees will be broken out. The only fee that they won't see from the start are per-order fees like shipping -- or the $2.50 per ticket fee to print tickets at home.

Yet another move that consumers will applaud is the decision to offer a three-day return policy on all LiveNation orders. That will provide customers with some leeway when it comes to changed plans and mistaken orders. The return policy won't be in effect during the week leading up to the concert, but is a helpful change for indecisive ticketbuyers everywhere.
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