Pow! Comics and computer technology collide on the iPad

Reading and collecting comic books can get expensive: These days, comics run between $3 and $5, which adds up after umpteen issues of Iron Man and the Fantastic Four. As a poor college student, it's difficult to justify buying or reading comic books when you have to pay for, say, textbooks.

But if you must indulge your jones, think how your poor roommates will feel when they see all those pulp volumes strewn across your dorm room floor. Have you been wedgied lately? Look out.

With all the new apps on the iPad and iPhone designated for reading comics, it's that much more tempting to spend money on comics. But at least you can keep everything you'd ever want to read stashed in the confines of your iPad. What's more, you might be able to save a little money over the paper editions. Here's a look at prominent comic options available via the iPad.