How to spend less when you retire

What expenses can you ditch in retirement to save a little cash? identifies this list of six items:

  • Disability and life insurance -- if you have no one depending on you for support, then you don't need life insurance. And if you aren't working, disability won't pay, even if you need it.

  • High investment fees -- If you're putting your money in safe CDs -- the choice of many retirees -- don't pay investment fees at all. Just march yourself to the bank and buy them. No expertise needed.

  • Your house. Getting rid of a property that comes with high utility and maintenance costs as well as a big tax bill can result in significant savings.

  • Landlines. Not many people these days need both a landline and a cell phone.

  • Interest payments. People living on tight budgets can't afford debt.

  • Inefficient appliances. Spend money to save money by getting rid of expensive-to-operate refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners, heaters and replacing them with new, energy efficient models.