Happy Aquarium takes the Wonderful World of Oz underwater

Happy Aquarium Wizard of Oz fish
Today, Happy Aquarium has taken it upon itself to represent the Lollipop Guild along with the cast of Victor Fleming's 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, and it does this the best way it knows how -- by turning everyone into Limited Edition fish!

We're not sure what L. Frank Baum thinks of that, but hey, it worked with the ladies from Sex and the City.
Happy Aquarium Wizard of Oz decor
Granted, only 4 of the 6 creatures are actually fish. There's Tin Man ("On the search for a heart"), Cowardly Lion ("Timid and faint-hearted"), Scarecrow ("No brain but happy spirit"), and Mini Dorothy ("Has fancy red shoes!"). These four, including the Wicked Witch ("Zooms through the tank and has a cackling laugh") are in limited supply, though the Good Witch ("Sprinkles sparkly stars in the tank") is a permanent premium addition at the store.

But bets seem to have been placed on the Cowardly Lion as a top-earner, since it's the most expensive at 76 Pearls or 63 Facebook Credits ($6.30 USD). All the other Oz character-fish are tied at 66 Pearls or 55 FB Credits ($5.50 USD).

The two witches come with special effects. The Wicked Witch is suppose to cackle in your tank, but she's been quiet, and players are reporting this as a bug/oversight. The Good Witch fills your tank with sparkles, and costs one Pearl more than the Wicked Witch (45 Pearls)... but oddly, Good Witch costs the same in Facebook currency, which is 38 FB Credits ($3.80 USD).

The Lollipop Guild itself -- Jolly Munchkin, Jolly Munchkinette, and Lil Munchkin -- can all be bought with coins, with the Ruby Slippers going for a surprisingly cheap 125 Coins. And just for the heck of it, the game threw in Dorothy's House with dead Wicked Witch of the East included, for 12 Pearls or 10 FB Credits ($1.00 USD).
Happy Aquarium Dorothy's House
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