FrontierVille: Get 40 percent off Horseshoes today

FrontierVille 40 perfect off horseshoes
FrontierVille 40 perfect off horseshoes

Right now, the clock is ticking on the 40% off Horseshoes discount on FrontierVille today. There's only about 22 hours left 'til this deal is gone.

The 3 packaged deals being offered are:
75 Horseshoes for $6 USD (instead of $10)
170 Horseshoes for $12 USD (instead of $29)

...and the best deal is 1000 Horseshoes for $60 (instead of $100)

With the exception of the 170 Horseshoes deal, this offer is perfectly identical to the FarmVille discount from exactly one week ago, and this post reflects that.