Don't buy this, buy that: Designer vs. non-designer sunglasses, cashmere sweaters and more


Fall and back-to-school time means more than just backpacks and school supplies. No matter how many years out of school, the desire for new shoes, fall clothes, or something cozy around the house is difficult to overcome. And so are the ads, commercials and fat fall issues of magazines that taunt me with new hot trends.

In fact: I once accepted a challenge to go three months without looking at a single magazine or website that covered material objects, to see if the desire for new things would go away. It did -- I really lost all desire to shop -- but I didn't make it much past the three-month end point before I returned to old habits.

No matter what your income or consumption patterns, though, there's rarely a reason to overspend on fashion items. Get these designer goods for less: