Cafe World Cheats & Tips: No Clean Fairy Quick Links

no clean fairy cafe world
no clean fairy cafe world

Hello Facefolks, It's Mr. Cheats here with the down-low on the things you shouldn't know. Today's topic is the Cafe World No Clean Fairy, which was previously only available for Cafe Cash. Now, thanks to The Facegamer, you can build your own in the game with a little help from your friends. To complete your own handy-dandy fairy, you will need the following:

  • 20 Mountain-Fresh Air

  • 10 Pinch of Fairy Dust

  • 10 Vial of Dewdrops

  • 10 Wildflower Essence

To get you on your way to owning one of these golden fairies (basically, if you've got this gal, you'll never have to clean your stoves again, ever), you gotta play nice and send your friends lots of gifts so they'll be more inspired to send you some back. Click on the images below and then start delving out Fairy Dust and other stuff like you're some kind of magical merchant.

cafe world mountain-fresh air

Mountain-Fresh Air

Fairy Dust

cafe world vial of dewdrops
cafe world no clean fairy wildflower essence quick link

Vial of Dewdrops

Wildflower Essence

For cheats & more, check out The Facegamer.

Have any tips on how to complete this No Clean Fairy Quick? Or just looking for materials? Leave a notes in the comments below.

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