Boehner Calls on President Obama to Fire Geithner and Summers

John Boehner
John Boehner

House Minority Leader John Boehner will call on President Barack Obama to fire Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and economic adviser Lawrence Summers in a speech today in Ohio.

Boehner is blaming both Geithner and Summers for promoting "19 months of government-as-community organizer," Politico reported.

"It hasn't worked," Boehner will say. "Our fresh start needs to begin now."

The speech, a possible preview of Boehner policies should Republicans win control of the House of Representatives in November, will contain a list of other measures to improve the economy, including extending the Bush-era tax cuts, freezing federal spending and a 20% tax cut for small businesses.

The Boehner speech uses the phrase "job-killing" 13 times in its descriptions of Obama's economic policies.

Boehner is also calling on the president to veto bills including card-check legislation, which would make it easier for employees to form unions, and an energy bill.

"Democratic Leaders refuse to rule out the possibility of forcing these job-killing bills through in a lame-duck session, after the election, after the voters have had their say," Boehner will say, according to embargoed text of his speech. "Their failure to level with the American people only compounds the ongoing economic uncertainty."

Democrats hit back even before the speech was given. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern told reporters on a conference call that Boehner wants to privatize social security and continue Bush-era policies.

"George Bush had no better solider than John Boehner over the course of those eight years," Redfern said.