YoVille Collections Mystery Box: Here's How It Works

YoVille Pink Puzzle Piece
YoVille Animated ElkThis is an official post by Zynga's Platinum Ninja.

We wanted to give you all a heads up that there will be a new Collections Puzzle item coming soon to YoVille! What is it you ask? It's going to be an Animated Elk! He is super cute and he will animate! How awesome is that! He'll go perfect in your Camp Yo. Let's review how this will work and how get your hands on this elk.

How to get Puzzle Pieces for this New Collection?

To receive puzzle pieces for this specific item you will have to open up a Collections Mystery Box. Your friends can send these boxes to you through the Free Gift Page. You'll be needing pink puzzle pieces to build this specific Elk Item so try to collect as many as you can!

YoVille Collections Mystery BoxBy opening this Mystery Collections Box you will get a chance to get pink puzzle piece. Currently the Collections Mystery Box has many different puzzle piece colors including orange, purple and red and will soon include pink so it will be jam packed with puzzle pieces galore! Opening a Collections Mystery Box it will be random which color of puzzle piece that you will receive, so the more you open the better chances you have at getting some pink pieces! Once you collect each puzzle pink piece to complete the puzzle you will be able to redeem the Animated Elk.

This will pretty much work exactly like many of our other Collection Items! Make sure to have your friends send you as many Mystery Collection Boxes as they can and be a good friend and send some in return to up your chances on collecting all the pink pieces!
YoVille Collections Inventory
Don't forget to check on your Collections status and number of pieces collected so far by visiting your Inventory and then clicking on the Collections Tab. You will also be able to redeem your collections pieces from here so don't forget to use this helpful tool.

Stay tuned for this new collections item coming soon to YoVille! We'll keep you updated on when this is available in game.

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