Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Back Your Security Deposit

Your security deposit: how to get it back
Your security deposit: how to get it back

"I was told by the previous tenant before I moved in that my landlord never gave back the security deposit, so I should just plan for that," says Bea Lowey of Medford, Mass. "But I really didn't want to lose all of that money for no reason."

Surprisingly, more people than you would think are willing to forgo the security deposit they're entitled to, under the preconceived idea that their landlord just won't give it back. Lowey, on the other hand, chose not to listen and made sure she took extra good care of her place. "I also took pictures of the before and after, so that I had proof in the event he tried to hold on to my security deposit," she adds.

Ultimately Lowey got back her deposit, and you can too. Just follow these six simple steps.