PetVille Enchanted Kingdom: Fairytales power a new Magic Door set

PetVille Enchanted Kingdom Magic Door
Magic Doors in PetVille tend to be a mixed blessing, because players have two hurdles to face. First, you have to be at Level 10 to even access your attic, where the doors are. And secondly, you need to collect enough keys to unlock all the colorful padlocks that keep you from even clicking on the themed goods available. But you are allowed to 'look, but not buy' the items by way of the World icon and going to the Outdoors store.
PetVille Frog Prince smooch
Players hoping to see a comeback of the Enchanted Crates from April will be disappointed. What we've got instead is a very generic assortment of fairytales-inspired decor, ranging from lots of roadside flowers to some classic princess gowns. The most interesting items are the transforming Frog Prince and a Limited Edition, flying and fire-breathing baby lavender dragon.
PetVille Enchanted Kingdom
Though the game does promise more items are "Coming Soon", the Enchanted Kingdom really doesn't hold a candle to the Fairy Meadows outdoors set in terms of cuteness or creative whimsy. Here are more pics below:
PetVille Knight Armor, beanstalk, and flowers
PetVille Shoe house and Fairy Godmother
PetVille Princess gownsPetVille Limited Time Only Purple Dragon
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