Mafia Wars Mumbai Challenge Mission opens for business

mafia wars mumbai

Mafia Wars Mumbai Challenge Mission Chapter 1: Hooray for Hollywood is officially open for business. So far Mumbai seems to be a pretty standard Challenge Mission, much like London and Africa. You have about two weeks to complete the jobs in each Chapter, and you'll need to collect lots of Bollywood Film Reels to get 'em all done.

Reels can be collected in Mumbai every 24 hours, and they can also be earned while doing jobs, fighting or robbing, as free gifts sent from friends, and by recruiting new members to your mafia.

mafia wars my crew

As usual, the omnipresent Heat Meter makes an appearance, and after doing a few jobs the meter will fill up, turn red, and you'll be forced lay low for 8 hours until the 'heat' loses your scent. You can wait it out, or kill time by going back to finish what you've started in New York, Cuba, Thailand or Las Vegas. Just make sure you don't exhaust that daily energy supply.

mafia wars chapter 1 jobs

Mumbai Chapter 1 consists of four jobs: Steal a Bollywood Script, Re-Write the Film's Villain, Get the Script Greenlit, Put Out A Casting Call. Once you're done with all of these jobs you will be able to move on to Chapter 2, which unlocks in about a week, and then Chapter 3, which unlocks in 12 days.

mafia wars mumbai rewards

Of course, you will be rewarded for your hard work after completing each chapter -- with these exclusive items.

Chapter 1: Bambaiyya Rahah (Vehicle), A 60, D 55
Chapter 2: Bollywood Superhit (Weapon), A 47, D 81
Chapter 3: Slumdog Billionaire (Bodyguard) A 86, D 115

The first two rewards aren't really over-the-top in terms of stats, but couldn't hurt to have that Slumdog Billionaire in your corner. After all, nobody said becoming the new king of Bollywood was gonna be easy.

Got any tips on how to beat Mafia Wars Mumbai fast? Looking for new mafia members? Leave a note in the comments below.
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