Interior Design Jobs: What it's Like to Design Bachelor Pads


Why is it, that even five years out of college, some guys still can't shake the frat-boy act? You know the type: Seemingly grown men who still consider a cardboard box to be an appropriate substitute for a coffee table, believe the only decoration a room needs is a flat-screen TV, and -- instead of throwing them away -- opt to display their empty liquor bottles like trophies on their bookshelves.

It's the hope of Taylor Spellman, owner of New York City-based interior design firm August Black, to enlighten these perpetual frat boys. Spellman founded her guys-only interior design firm in 2008, based on the belief that most men don't want their apartments to be a mess; they just don't know how to decorate and organize them properly. So, she set out on her mission to bring stylish décor to men everywhere, one bachelor pad at a time.

Below, Spellman tells us what it's like to be the owner of August Black.